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Martin Logan Theos Electrostatic Hybrid Speakers

I’m not a “sweet spot” audiophile at home. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate dialed-in, sweet spot listening.

Head in a vise is how you might describe listening to my stand-up desk audio system here at TMR. My DIY speakers are immensely accurate, and I get a lot of information about different brands of equipment by keeping my head still and focusing.

But at home with my two-year-old, wife and coyote dog I am either cooking dinner, cleaning something or playing with dolls. Which means that if I want to enjoy my carefully crafted reference system, it’s going to be off-axis.

I’m just not at a point in my life where I can have a devoted room for audio and chunks of devoted audio time for listening. Some of you may be like me, and are on the search for something that sounds good everywhere.

My solution is crossoverless full range speakers in giant back-loaded horn cabinets. Music sounds musical and fun from all over the house, and it works really well for me.

Down to the product du jour. I’ve heard a good number of Martin Logan speakers in my short time here at TMR, and these Theos are my favorite so far.

What instantly drew me to write about this cosmetically flawless pair is the off-axis sound they throw, and how it didn’t matter where I stood, this recording of a recent choral concert of my Dad’s in Kiev, Ukraine sounded about as real as it could.

With the exception of the area right next to the speakers, every place I stood had me convinced a massive choir and orchestra was arrayed just behind the panels.

The important detail here is that I am listening in the middle of a large (albeit very full) warehouse, so I don’t have any room interaction to worry about.

And on that subject, worry you should not. Even if you don’t have the 4 feet of easement from the nearest wall like you should with these, a single tube trap in the corner behind these speakers will make it sound like you’re in a warehouse like I am.

I would bet these Martin Logan Theos can convince you that the choir’s in the room even if you're deep inside the kitchen pantry.

Many bipolar speakers exist like this, but these in particular seem to spread the sound around better than others, in my opinion.


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