Heirloom quality

D’Agostino Momentum S250 Stereo Power Amplifier

Mr. Dan D’Agostino has cornered the “heirloom watch” market for amplifiers in this country, I’m pretty sure of it.

At TMR, we see designs from all over the world and from different points in audio history. And let’s just say we’ve noticed that most of the amazing, gorgeous and mechanically impressive designs come from overseas.

Just last week I was testing an immensely well-designed CD transport from a company called C.E.C. I couldn’t help but marvel at how many perfectly fit parts were in this thing, and how dense and well-built it was.

That’s what you will expect to receive when you fork out $30K or so for a piece of audio engineering. Beyond that actually, it needs to be gorgeous. Nothing soothes the mind about spending in the big leagues like a set of looks that will brighten your eyes before your ears get their fill.

I’m not really a watch guy, but standing this close to the D’Agostino Momentum S250’s intricate meters makes me think that maybe I could be a watch guy.

For me though, unless I strike oil in my backyard tomorrow I’m going for function over form. So I wouldn’t be writing about this supermodel amplifier if it didn’t have the sound to match the looks.

I would say the sound of this amplifier is similar to the best Constellation amps. I have one at home, which is how I know a thing or two about that sound. Imaging and soundstage are perfect — more than perfect, actually as they can appear to overcome restrictive cabling or mismatched speakers. This is another piece that upgrades the whole system when it’s there.

Extension, balance, pace, detail and lack of fatigue. This is the sound that you get at the top of the game. And the care that must have gone into cutting and polishing these massive chunks of metal — you feel like three blacksmiths would have died spending their lives trying to make this back in the Middle Ages.

Now, that’s a strange thought.

This Momentum S250 is a looker, and she ships in a well-designed hardshell factory case with wheels and an extending handle, so she moves well.

If you think this gem could shine in your listening room (and look good while doing it!), give my man Nick a call today and take her for a 45-day spin.


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